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VAT IT 02075060026
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    VAT IT 02075060026
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    Comunico Group is a full-service communication agency, with a creativity soul and a solid digital experience. We are curious since birth, in 2002, and we’ve developed our skills thanks to projects of all kinds and for each types of industry. We are certified  ISO 9001: 2015 and we are part of thenetworkone and UNA.

    Torino – Svizzera, 185 Bis
    Milano – Via Legnone, 4
    Londra – Flat 40, The Pantiles,
    Finchley Rd, Temple Fortune
    London NW11 6XX

    +39 011 7652 621

    Web Sites

    The website allows a brand to be visible and reachable at any time and on any device, but it is much more than a point of arrival in the path of the user. A demonstration? You haven’t decided yet if you really need a website. How do we know it? You are on a path that we have thought of in a functional way to help you make a decision. A bit like Matrix, but for communication.

    The site is therefore a strategic element in the Digital Marketing of a company.

    From graphic design to navigation structure, from development on CMS platforms to the creation of original and quality content: all the phases of creating a website are functional to the creation of a tool that constitutes the right support to marketing activities and communications of the brand.

    Comunico Group’s web sites

    How to make a website a real marketing tool? With the Comunico Group strategy.

    Our digital team transforms your website from a simple gateway to a functional part of the user’s navigation path: creating attraction with targeted communications, involving them and establishing contact with them through relevant and interesting content. And finally accompanying him in every step, until completing the conversion from visitor to customer. Now, for example, you have consolidated your awareness of the importance of the site and we have brought a potential customer a little closer to us.

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    What awaits you if you choose Comunico Group for your site

    Development of B2B and B2C websites

    Comunico Group creates websites with responsive and user friendly layouts, functional navigation structure, graphics and creative and original content.

    Realization of e-commerce sites

    Product catalog, trolley and integrated payment systems: Comunico Group creates e-commerce sites, to allow your brand to sell products online and reach new customers.

    Web site restyling

    When it comes to websites, it takes very little to become obsolete. With the restyling of Comunico Group you renew the graphics, reorganize the contents, improve the features and the navigation, for a website that is always updated, functional and functional.

    Search engine positioning

    Comunico Group integrates the most suitable SEO strategy for your website development, able to improve Google positioning and consequently ensure greater brand visibility.

    Our working method: everything under control

    Market analysis and customer objectives
    Design of the navigation structure
    User Experience Design
    Desktop and Mobile site development
    Search engine optimization (SEO)
    Web Marketing Consulting and Strategy
    Maintenance and analysis of the results obtained

    The advantages of the Web sites created by Comunico Group

    • Increased visibility on search engines
    • Improvement of brand visibility on search engines
    • Increased traffic and visits
    • Creating an effective funnel
    • Creation of a structured Digital Marketing strategy
    • Acquisition of customer information
    • Improved return on the brand’s investment

    Whether it is an e-commerce or a showcase site, the website represents a fundamental communication tool in the Digital Marketing strategy of a brand: Comunico Group knows this, and knows how to reach your goals.

    Contact us and tell us exactly what your goals are. Together we will build the best strategy for your website.

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