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VAT IT 02075060026
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    VAT IT 02075060026
    VAT GB 324 484 209
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    Comunico Group is a full-service communication agency, with a creativity soul and a solid digital experience. We are curious since birth, in 2002, and we’ve developed our skills thanks to projects of all kinds and for each types of industry. We are certified  ISO 9001: 2015 and we are part of thenetworkone and UNA.

    Torino – Svizzera, 185 Bis
    Milano – Via Legnone, 4
    Londra – Flat 40, The Pantiles,
    Finchley Rd, Temple Fortune
    London NW11 6XX

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    75% of users, when making a search, do not go beyond the first page of results. For this reason it is important to get high rankings in Google’s SERP for your website, ie on the results page. The step between being at the center of attention and being completely ignored is very short. Would you make a 1cm square business card? No, then SEO interests you.

    The SEO (acronym of Search Engine Optimization) is the set of activities, strategic and operational, which aim to increase the visibility of a site and improve its position on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    From the optimization of the structure of the site and the code, to the creation of relevant and original textual contents, to the management of incoming and outgoing links: every activity, every phase of an SEO strategy has the objective of making people find the answers to what they are looking for. So to make it easy, it’s better if what they’re looking for is your website and not your competitor’s!

    Comunico Group’s SEO

    How to appear among the first results on search engines? Comunico Group knows all the rules of the game and constantly studies Google’s algorithm and its updates, to offer advice and SEO strategies with concrete results.

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    What awaits you if you choose Comunico Group for SEO

    SEO Audit

    Comunico Group makes the diagnosis of your website, to identify any problems in the structure and contents. Not only that: it studies the main competitors in the sector, identifies the most important keywords and provides a detailed analysis, useful for understanding the starting situation and defining the most effective SEO strategy.

    SEO On page: internal optimization of the site

    To reach the first page of Google the website structure must be flawless. Comunico Group knows how to think about search engines and optimizes in SEO all the elements of the site, from the navigation menu to internal links, identifies the specific keywords to be inserted in the right fields and creates useful and interesting content.

    SEO Off Page: link building activities

    Comunico Group includes in the SEO activity a link building strategy, designed to create a network of useful and quality links pointing to your website, to increase not only its popularity, but above all its authority.

    SEO Local

    Positioning a website on search engines to increase its visibility in a given geographical area can be done. Comunico Group optimizes Google My Business pages, for all those brands that want to focus on local online marketing to reach their customers, allowing search engines to return geolocated search results to users.

    Our working method: everything under control

    Market analysis – Benchmark
    Keyword analysis and definition
    SEO Strategy Definition
    SEO content processing
    Positioning monitoring
    Data analysis and reporting

    The advantages of the Comunico Group SEO

    • Improvement of the organic positioning of the website
    • Increased brand awareness
    • Increased visits and site traffic
    • Increased conversions

    Comunico Group increases the amount of traffic to your website, but above all it improves its quality. We integrate SEO optimization activities into a complete and structured marketing strategy, coordinating between them the different digital communication channels to make your brand competitive.

    You found us on Google! Our SEO works. Contact us if you want to improve yours.