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VAT IT 02075060026
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    VAT IT 02075060026
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    Comunico Group is a full-service communication agency, with a creativity soul and a solid digital experience. We are curious since birth, in 2002, and we’ve developed our skills thanks to projects of all kinds and for each types of industry. We are certified  ISO 9001: 2015 and we are part of thenetworkone and UNA.

    Torino – Svizzera, 185 Bis
    Milano – Via Legnone, 4
    Londra – Flat 40, The Pantiles,
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    Email Marketing

    Receiving personalized offers of services, products and updates in real time makes people feel more involved and close to the brand. And it is precisely to this that email marketing aims: to create an exclusive one-to-one communication, to build a relationship of trust with the customer and maintain it over time. Don’t listen to those who say that email is a past tool! In the funnel marketing era, InMail content is once again a fundamental node. Why? Because e-mails are there not only to communicate to your acquired customers, but also not to let different levels of contacts fall into the void.

    E-mail thus proves to be the perfect tool to achieve some business objectives: all that is needed is a good strategy, able to make the most of the brand’s contact list and send communications, whether commercial or not, precise and personalized based on interests.

    Let’s see how your strategy works! Are you able to send an email for the birthday of each of the people on your mailing list? If the answer is no, you need an email marketing strategy. If the answer is “I don’t have a mailing list”, then email marketing is essential!

    Comunico Group’s E-Mail Marketing

    Doing email marketing is much more than sending messages that offer products and services to your contact list. Comunico Group identifies the best email marketing strategy for your company, based on the objectives and results you want to achieve, to increase sales opportunities and create a real relationship between brand and audience.

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    What awaits you if you choose Comunico Group for email marketing

    DEM: Direct Email Marketing

    Comunico Group takes care of planning the sending and creating the contents of promotional messages that inform the reader about the services and products offered by the brand and encourage it to carry out a specific action.

    REM: Retention Email Marketing

    When the goal is customer loyalty, the Comunico Group develops a Retention Email Marketing strategy. In this case, the emails are designed and created to establish a long-term relationship with the reader, offering not only advertising messages, but also informative and useful contents to attract his attention and gain his trust.

    Funnel Marketing

    From emails with simple content to increasingly specific messages, aimed at user conversion. With its email marketing strategies, Comunico Group creates a path that can feed the leads and transform the reader from a prospect into a real customer.

    Our working method: everything under control

    Definition of objectives
    Definition of the reference target and segmentation of the sending lists
    Creation of the marketing funnel strategy
    Definition and creation of contents
    Tracking and monitoring of results

    The advantages of Comunico Group’s Email Marketing

    • A higher brand awareness
    • Increase in the conversion rate
    • Creation of an effective funnel
    • Creation of a database of profiled users
    • Results optimization based on monitoring and analysis

    In terms of results, email marketing is the web marketing tool with the highest ROI.

    Comunico Group knows all its potential and knows how to best apply them to create a successful strategy, able to bring out your brand and make it not only interesting, but necessary for the reader.

    Get ready to enter our mailing list as a customer and enhance your digital investments. Contact us